Swiftpoint Z

    Hi there, thanks for your interest in the Swiftpoint Z, the most advanced gaming mouse in the world.
    Upon insanely high demand and thousands of requests - we are super excited to announce that we are preparing to launch the Swiftpoint Z2on Kickstarter on the 23rd of February.

    Keen to get access to insider information? Be sure to join our VIP Facebook Group for early information and access to the Swiftpoint Z2 Kickstarter campaign.

    In the meantime continue reading below to learn more about the original Swiftpoint Z and all it's world leading features.

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      Customer Reviews

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 26 reviews
      Jason C

      My swiftpointz is glorious. I use it for work and play. huge time-saver when designing parts for combines, supporting mechanics technical questions and playing my favorite games. I recently had the rubber come loose when I was traveling but is otherwise in the same condition I bought it years ago.

      Lachie Williams
      Long lasting, amazing the whole time

      I got my swiftpoint z as a birthday present in 2018/19 some time, I still have it and use it regularly, almost daily, as I have for the past couple of years. I use it mostly for gaming and I've played everything on it, it has always been perfect and all the extra functions have been useful at some point. Eventually I will need to replace it but a 2nd is a strong contender for its replacement. Highly recommend for anyone willing to pay it's admittedly high price, it is worth it, it'll last you a long time if treated properly. Have a great day/evening/night to anyone who reads this

      This is how you innovate

      The mouse market has become extremely boring. Swiftpoint Z is how you innovate.
      The additional fingertip buttons redefine how you can use a mouse - they are actually convenient to use, and you WILL miss them if you go back to regular mice. Even if you don't care about gyro (which has legitimate uses even outside of gaming, i.e. switching to other input configurations with a flick of the wrist), this is the best mouse money can('t) buy.

      Dalton Cordier Evans
      Only Mouse Ill use.

      Great mouse, Love the easy access to many, many buttons. Only "issue" I have is with not being able to select a dpi between the 100 increments it has. Again. Its not an issue in the sense of it being something wrong. Just personal preference kind of thing for gaming. Love the way it feels, and I recommend it to anyone I meet. Heck, only reason I am writing a review was because I am sending the link to this product to a few friends.

      Diaconu Vlad
      Great product, amazing customer support !

      I have this mouse since 4 years and I had absolutely no hardware issue with it. Everything still works like in the first day.
      The ONLY downside of the mouse is that a weak glue is used for the rubber pads and with time some might start to move or even fall off. It happened to me as well and I lost one during transport.
      I have contacted customer support and within the next day I received a response and they offered to send a full replacement kit free of charge.

      They won a customer for life for their amazing support and for making this amazing and unique product.