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Introducing the “Best Gaming Innovation of 2017” the high-performance gaming mouse brings you the world first pivot, tilt and roll functionality.

THE PACKAGE INCLUDES: a Swiftpoint Z mouse with long and short fingertip caps x2 and trigger caps x2. FlightStick Extender, adjustable tilt base x2, lock out base x2 and user documentation.

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Place your hand on The Z to feel a level of intuitive control beyond anything you’ve experienced before – you’ll then understand why it was voted CES Gaming Innovation of The Year.

Lean the mouse, and your character leans, press harder on a button and unleash a stronger attack. Jump in a plane, spaceship or helicopter and with The Z’s gyroscope technology instantly switch from mouse to analog joystick control.

With The Z’s ergonomic design you can customize button placements to give lightning fast access to 18 button actions while barely moving your fingers. The buttons sense how hard you press, providing tactile vibration feedback, so you know when you’ve made a ‘deeper click’.

When playing FPSs, Third Person Shooters, MMOs / RPGs, MOBAs or games with driving or flying, The Z’s precision, speed, and intuitive control will bring more realism to your game and give you the edge.

It’s time to Play Different.

Special Features

The Z is a fully featured mouse with a high-performance optical sensor and ergonomics that will give you the edge, whether you are a serious gamer or a professional user.

It has many new features including; gyro, accelerometer, touch sensitive buttons, tactile feedback and OLED display.

Swiftpoint Z Computer Gaming Mouse

Ergonomics and Design

The main mouse buttons are flat, creating a stable platform so you do not nudge the mouse while clicking. The Z can be customized so it fits your hand perfectly.

You can choose the fingertip and the trigger button caps to suit the size of your hand and your grip style. Included in your box you’ll see the alternative caps ready for customization.

Mouse Trigger Buttons

The trigger buttons under the index and middle fingers can be operated in two ways. Each button can be pressed down by slightly straightening the finger. It’s so easy that you can use the buttons for actions you use frequently.

In one natural movement curl your finger back and pull back on the buttons like a trigger for additional actions. The height of the buttons can be changed by selecting between taller or shorter button caps. For even finer adjustment, the button caps can be reversed so the contact point can be moved backwards or forwards.

Fingertip Buttons

The fingertip buttons can be configured to make reaching them easy. If you prefer to move your finger as little as possible, choose the larger button cap. If you prefer something smaller, the smaller button cap option can be inserted instead.

Through testing, the team suggested making alternative finger caps to give the user the choice on how these buttons feel. The smaller button cap has a raised portion, and the button cap can be inserted with the raised portion at the front or at the back. Try it for yourself and see what you prefer. To get it sitting perfectly for your hand we have allowed for further adjustment, slide the button cap forward or backward in its slot.

Deep Click

The Z senses how hard you push the main left and right click buttons, the left and right fingertip buttons, and also the middle wheel button.

This feature gives gamers the opportunity to perform what normally is a keystroke in-game. Typically in FPS games, the zoom feature when performing a sniper shot requires a keyboard action. With the Z you can link this action to a deep click. Use The Z Driver Configurator to setup this pressure-sensing capability to perform additional actions as you press harder.

What's in the Swiftpoint Z Box?

In the box, you’ll find the Swiftpoint Z mouse and accessories, which includes long and short fingertip caps x2 and trigger caps x2. FlightStick Extender, adjustable tilt base x2, lock out base x2. The drivers and support documents are available online.

Swiftpoint Z Specifications and System Requirements

  • Series: SM700
  • Sensor resolution: 200 – 12,000 DPI, 5G Pixart PMW3360
  • USB Polling Rate: 1000hz (not sensor reporting rate)
  • Braided cord: cable length 6 feet (1.8 meters)
  • Scroll-wheel
  • Mouse Buttons: 18 button actions when including deep clicks with tactile feedback. 13 uniquely placed physical buttons for effortless clicking
  • Button Actions: 50+ combinations of clicks with tilt left/right and pivot left/right
  • Wired: No Lag, No Drag
  • Pivot and Tilt
  • 3 Axis In-Air Control of Pitch / Yaw / Roll
  • Analogue Force Buttons to Control speed / throttle / power: 5 Buttons (Left/right click, left/right fingertip + middle mouse button )
  • Deep Click Buttons Multiple Threshold Levels with Tactile Feedback: 5 Buttons (Left/right click, left/right fingertip + middle mouse button )
  • OLED Screen
  • Automatic Configuration: Config mode is entered by tilting the mouse, see OLED screen.
  • Replaceable Hand Grips
  • Dimensions: 5.12″ x 3.54” x 1.57” (13 x 9 x 4 cm (L x W x H))
  • Weight: 4 ⅛ ounces (117 grams) – without cable
  • Supported OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7
  • Optimized for right-hand use
  • 12 month limited hardware warranty
Weight 0.27 kg
Dimensions 25 × 17 × 7 cm

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25 reviews for Z Mouse

  1. Keiku

    I believe I am uniquely qualified to review this mouse because I bought 5 of them… I was sold immediately; so much so that I contacted friends armed with only the movie shared over MMS they all instructed me to buy them one also. Everyone loves them despite us using them for different things or having a different grip style/neutral position on the mouse. The software is maturing nicely and it’s been a God-send being able to have the mouse do key presses for games that otherwise don’t allow the re-mapping of keys (console ports/console first titles).

  2. Liam Bennett

    I have used gaming mice from Razer and Roccat in the past. And i can 100% say i will never go back. The Swiftpoint Z is by far the most customisable yet easy to use mouse i have ever used. I am currently playing Rainbow Six: Siege, where i have two buttons on the left and right for leaning. It would normally be impossible to shoot as well, but with the Swiftpoint Z, just pressing down harder on the button fires my weapon. This has made gameplay in this particular game so much easier and with the driver software i can make custom profiles to do anything i want in any game.

    When my mouse finally packs in, which lets be honest, all gaming mice do eventually, i will be buying another Swiftpoint Z!

  3. Michael

    I heard about the Kickstarter for this mouse on The Giant Beastcast. It sounded impressive and impossible, but I was intrigued. I opted to get one for work and one for home because I enjoy consistency. At home, I use the Z for gaming, at which it excels. At work, I use the Z for general tasks (and for gaming when nobody is looking) at which is also excels. It is by far, the most capable piece of hardware I’ve ever owned. The build quality is superb and after hundreds of hours of usage, it’s still in top form. My only complaint would be the OSX drivers require the use of a third party program. I’m hopeful that Swiftpoint can produce a stand-alone utility for the Z, but in the meantime, the third party solution is adequate. On the few occasions that I’ve contacted Swiftpoint support, they’ve always been prompt, courteous, and extremely valuable.

    TL;DR: It’s worth the price. You’ll love it.

  4. Simeone

    fantastico il mouse e grandiosi i drive, il programma è semplicissimo per personalizzare il mouse a 360° 😉

  5. Thomot512

    I love this mouse. I find the design very comfortable. The weight is also good. The stability of the mouse with the locked foot is excellent. The button placement is great and very intuitive.
    The software to program the mouse is also intuitive and well designed. However a few possibilities are missing. Such as program mouse mouvement when we click a button.
    I also have issues making some program such as CATIA and ANSYS see the mouse as a 3D mouse. If I could, I would say it’s perfect.
    But it is still an amazing mouse to game and work with. Would recommend to anyone and would buy again!

  6. jm sether

    Great mouse. Very customizable, however, I would like to see Lua scripting on this mouse.

  7. Michael D Taylor

    I’m not a big gamer. I’m a big spreadsheet guy. I have three monitors and Windows 10. I am constantly shuffling through various programs and desktops. This mouse makes things move so much better. Mapping different tasks and different environments through the mouse simply makes things more fluid. Tasks are no longer a hotkey away… now they are a mouse click away. I bought two because I find myself relying more and more on the Z’s ease of use.

  8. Robert Fowles (verified owner)

    I love this mouse. I have a number of Razer mouses that I thought were good, but this beastie is better. It just hits the mark every time.
    The mouse has good, positive switching buttons in the right places, perfect for setting up for any of the game types I play. The software is good and easy to use, although it would be good if they could come up with a faster way to switch between profiles.
    Well worth the money, and it’s great to see Kiwis innovating with the best in the world. Get one.

  9. Marcos

    Great mouse with tons of functionality. I don’t use it for gaming and it is a productivity boost.

    The only improvement needed is a macOS driver/app similar to the windows one.

  10. John Williston (verified owner)

    As a mouse, it’s unparalleled in my experience. It feels great, it enough buttons for me to map things well in any game short of an MMO, and the programmability of the drivers is great. I particularly like how profiles “inherit” from other profiles, which lets me define a common set of defaults in a generic FPS profile, for example, then customize as needed for different FPS games. However, the mouse that cries out for customization and multiple profiles has one big Achilles heel at present: it has no automated means of loading profiles. The result is that you have to fiddle around with the driver screen every time you want to play a different game or come back to the Windows desktop. The devs said they had this on their list prior to launch, but my calls for an auto-load feature seem to have fallen on deaf ears since and they seem uninterested in open-sourcing their drivers so the community could build upon their glacial pace of driver development. In short, if you want the best mouse for a few games, or if you (unlike me) don’t mind lots of fiddling with the driver screen, then this is the best choice among all the gaming mice out there as far as I’m concerned.

  11. Marius Nilsen

    I’m really enjoying this mouse.

    I’m a gamer and it is for gaming I’ve been using it.

    Looking forward to updates for the driver software.

  12. Akila Jayarathna (verified owner)

    this mouse is super awesome but there are much update to do in software like way to add new logo to oled display.

  13. Uzair (verified owner)

    I got this as a productivity tool but there is no support for Mac OS yet and that’s what most designers like myself use.

    BTT is a not a good alternative as the mappings file uses the keyboard modifier keys for advanced actions beyond simple keypresses and this limits the mouse buttons to only 15 or so. It is also very difficult to map the keys properly without a proper interface.

    The driver support you get from Razer or Logitech mouse is far superior. I think, I am gonna stick with my g700s until swiftpoint launches a proper driver.

    It’s a great mouse but crippled by lack of decent driver support.

  14. Dan Sabin

    I use this with my Mac most of the time. The mouse is AMAZING. The design, feel, feedback and customizations are insane. It works with a Mac, but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it. If you have a Windows computer this thing is a no brainer. I’m a computer peripheral fanatic, and I’ve owned literally everything under the sun. Razer and Logitech are great products, but they’re merely point and click (#pun). This thing, with enough time, can actually change the way you use a mouse, both for productivity and gaming. The build quality will hold up so even though it’s the only one on the market with these features you won’t need or want to replace it any time soon.

    Nothing works as good as my Z Mouse on a Windows PC.

    I only gave it 4 stars because OSX support is basically non-existent and I think slight tweaks to the mold and button positions can be improved for smaller hands (the mouse is large compared say the Razer Naga Trinity). I’m eagerly awaiting the next iteration in a year or two.

  15. Paul

    This mouse is pretty incredible! It takes a bit to get use to all the new features because it is unlike any other mouse but when you do, wow! I have been able to map so many windows shortcuts that using a keyboard rarely happens. In games I’m able to do actions faster while I’m moving because I can still use WASD. While it might seem expensive, its packed with way more tech than any other mouse on the market.

  16. Joshua Allen

    Been using mine for heavy gaming, mostly Overwatch but with some Just Cause and Warframe thrown in.

    I play with rather low sens, 800dpi and 3.5 in game for OW and use my arm to aim, (mouse pad is 3ft x 2ft)

    The sensor is as good as any I’ve ever used but the reason I bought the mouse was for the “knuckle buttons,” they are something I’ve never seen in a mouse and I had to try them.

    Very please with how they feel to use except the right switch when you need to pull it, it just feels a little akward to do and I’m still not used to it after a few months but thats more of a personal issue and I’m sure it feels fine to most grips and hand sizes. (Mine are a little on the large side)

    The buttons just under the knuckle buttons have turned out to be my favorites, there is no way I can go back to not having reload be the same finger as primary fire, that alone has been as big an improvement to how I play games as going dual screens was for general internet surfing as weired as that may sound. 12/10 will never buy a mouse that doesn’t have this kind of button again.

    My only changes I would make would be the thumb buttons and scroll wheel.

    As for the thumb buttons my most recent mouse was the g502 and I liked the thumb switches being at the same height rather than how they are on the Z, it felt better since you didn’t need to rotate or pick up your thumb, just press with a different part of it.

    The scroll wheel needs to be heavier (metal) and I’d love if it had left/right switches, really miss having those from my 502.

    The LCD screen is more useful than I thought it would be, when you have more than 2 profiles it’s really nice to be able to just pick up the mouse and flip through the profiles for different games and read those profile names. 10/10 love that.

    Overall I highly recommend trying this mouse, it’s excellent.

  17. Douglas Acheson

    I have used the mouse for a while now and really enjoy the features. However, due to the size of the mouse, I cannot use it as my wrist hurts. If they could make it a little smaller, that would be great.

  18. Casey Boudreaux

    Great mouse that does not get nearly enough praise and coverage. Pros for me are, all the extra buttons, 4 swappable buttons, button clicks feel great, the build quality as a whole, the software seems stable and isn’t a resource hog, and you can configure buttons so many different ways it’s crazy.

    Cons for me are, the shape and size of it is odd coming from a Logitech G502, the rear of the mouse has more of a hump so my medium sized hand felt really odd gripping it at first. It’s definitely for larger hands. I wanted to use the larger fingertip button but had to swap for the small, I may end up just cutting the larger button to fit me better. Be prepared to watch a lot of guides and what not to get the most out of this mouse. Setting up the basics just takes a few mins, but if you want to take full advantage of it, it will take hours to learn. That’s what makes the PC so great though, the ability to personalize.

  19. Ian Gerritsen

    Amazing mouse held back by poor build quality. Some of the buttons feel loose, especially the scroll wheel and it ruins the feel of the mouse enough to go back to my logitech. If it wasn’t for that, it would be the best mouse in existence, but I can’t really recommend it. Customer Support said it was “normal”.

  20. Neil Carlson

    I’ve been searching for the Holy Grail of mice, and I found it in the Swiftpoint Z.

    I’m a designer/editor, not a gamer. Photoshop, Premiere, Lightroom, 8-10 hours a day on a Mac.

    I have large hands that can palm a men’s basketball, and my mouse hand (right), has been broken and healed, but cramps (not a flesh wound) from hours of usage.

    I’m also a fussy person, (do you eat Sir Robin or have tea first?) and don’t settle on a decision easily. Initially I wouldn’t settle for anything but a Bluetooth mouse bc of travel, however, I sacrificed this really infinitesimal feature for comfort, and I’m thrilled I did.

    Magic Mouse 2, too tiny, incredibly uncomfortable. Love the touch features, but for what I do, unreasonable for extended use. Not for me. Returned.

    Magic Trackpad 2. How awesome is that input device?! Have been using a Macbook Pro for years, intuitive gesture controls, large surface area, can use with third party stylus for precision outlining/masking. But an awkward angle, and using the tip of my finger to click thousands of times per day gives me that aggravated pain when you know you’re supposed to be inside the Trojan Bunny to surprise the Frenchmen, but you’re not.

    Logitech MX Master 2. Nifty idea. Input controls on buttons, software that works on Mac, including gesture controls, clearly there’s a pattern I’m creating here. But, even for my gorilla hand, it’s too big, somehow. Not relaxing in the palm, difficult to click the buttons bc of the size, and it’s angled slightly to the right, which promotes the user to rest their wrist on the desk at an odd angle.

    I was about to give up and stay in the castle with the nurses, the MX was good enough. I went to best buy, tried the grip on other mice, liked the Corsair M65, and the driver was only for PC, of course it was.

    And then, a cube with a Z in the middle, appeared on the horizon, a 2D animated, grumpy old man of a God spoke to me, this is what you’ve been searching for, the Swiftpoint Z. The price was high, but it’s what I love about our age of consumerism, independent companies need to charge this for the labor they put in. And it’s worth 100x the investment.

    Answer me these questions 3.
    Mac Driver? Flawless. Programming your own unique keystrokes for the mouse is brilliant, I know this isn’t new for gamers, but for me, being able to fully customize what I want out of my mouse was inspiring, and intuitive, and it has made editing and designing speedier. I had no problems figuring out how to operate the driver software. And I really feel like I haven’t even tapped into the potential this mouse posses.

    Feel? Natural, buttons easy to click, the thumb and ring finger rests spread my hand to a comfortable, not pinched, or expanded position.

    Would I recommend it to another designer? Absolutely. This has assisted my productivity and health in just a few weeks. A perfect mouse.

  21. Taylor

    I was going from one generation of Razer Elite to the next, because they were the best shaped mice I found without too many buttons to accidentally push in one place. Then I found the Kickstarter for this revolution.
    The design all made sense. The appearance was ergonomic. The possibilities of convenience mapping endless.
    I’ve been using this mouse since I got it from the Kickstarter. I say this is the best mouse. Hand down on it.
    This company has great spatial awareness. Their buttons are paired. Each pair has its chosen position because of extreme study. Not a single button is inconvenient. All can have amazing or simplistic mappings.
    I’m an avid gamer. No matter the genre, finding efficient key mappings is paramount. A game can be played once and never again because of poor action mappings and binding customization. The Z adds a comfy layer of that to every game.
    I have been playing a lot of competitive online FPS lately. I watch people streaming their gameplay to find new strategies. I keep track of professional players. I see how they map keybindings to keyboard. In competitive online gaming, any moment you have to move a finger away from WASD, that is when you lose most. With my mappings on the Z, I never have to do that. Granted, I still lose, but I know that isn’t because of hardware.
    There are even non-competitive games I play that I don’t even need to use my keyboard because I can map everything through gestures and buttons on the Z.
    As far as the question about driver program for setting mappings, it takes quite some time to figure out how to program everything on there, because you can program your mouse to do ANYTHING. It’s not hard to understand or use, I just get lost in the rabbit hole of, “Oh man, I can have it do this, and if I rotate this way and click that… oh that is way faster then using Windows buttons.” I also use a tenkey-less keyboard, and have a profile with the tenkey entirely mapped to the Z. It’s actually quite fast for typing in numbers because again, my hand is already on the mouse so I don’t have to go for the keyboard.
    I’ve spent over three thousand hours using this mouse. I’ve never had issue with it, either hardware or software.
    I have suggested this mouse to many friends, and will continue to do so.

  22. Trix


  23. michael vogl (verified owner)

    this is the best mouse i have owned… its a lil pricey, but far superior to anything on the market. get it on sale.

    it has OSX support

    seriously, you can do anything with button combinations.

    i will buy this again in the future when i need another mouse.

  24. Joe

    Let me start with the good: this mouse is amazing and does a lot of incredibly smart, innovative things to add buttons/functionality without making your fingers venture far from where they’ve resided for however long you’ve been using a mouse. The pressure sensitive buttons have a huge range of sensitivity between 1% (barely clicking) and 100%, allowing you to map as many actions as you want to the pressure levels between. The tilt sensor really works and is reliable and can be calibrated (on the odd chance it decalibrates) with the touch of a button in seconds. And the fingertip and trigger buttons add not just six more easily accessible finger buttons (as the trigger buttons can both be clicked and pulled back), the former have the same pressure sensitivity. This is all in addition to great software that allows an insane amount of customization of profiles. Unfortunately there are one or two design flaws that are preventing me from continuing to use this mouse for my most played games, and even worse these flaws are exacerbated by how I’ve been using mice for the last 18 years.

    Back when I first got Battlefield 1942 in 2002, I bought a mouse with horizontally aligned forward and back thumb buttons so that I could map “Hold to Crouch” to forward and Prone to back. That way I could easily pop in and out of cover (as context sensitive aiming wasn’t a thing then) with the press or release of the forward button, without having to worry about finding ctrl or c, which are two of the most popular default buttons for this function. Every mouse I’ve bought since then had these buttons configured this way and it’s become ingrained in me that this is the most intuitive way to handle these actions. Unfortunately this mouse strays from this configuration and stacks these buttons on top of each other vertically. Additionally, these buttons seem to sit a bit higher up on the mouse, relative to the desk surface, than other mice I’ve used.

    I could probably get used to these two changes on most mice. However the orientation and placement of these buttons makes it extremely difficult to tilt the mouse left (to lean left in FPSes) if you also want to press the forward or back buttons. To make this worse, the sides of the mouse where your thumb and ring/pinky fingers might rest are basically perpendicular to the desk surface, if not flaring out a bit. A lot of mice have the body curve inward so that they form a bit of a shelf that lets you cup/lift the mouse with your thumb without squeezing the mouse at all. The Z does not do this and it makes maintaining a grip on the right side of the mouse extremely difficult if not impossible while also trying to press the thumb buttons. There are some grippy rubber bits on the right side but they don’t seem to help and my fingers want to slide off of holding the mouse when trying to lean and press the thumb buttons.

    It’s really disappointing for me because otherwise this mouse would pretty much be perfect, the only other real downside is how expensive it is (although I bought it on sale for $150) and that the mouse wheel feels a bit imprecise/muddy. Given how customizable the mouse is I really wish they had somehow made the thumb buttons modular to let you switch between a horizontal orientation and a vertical one, and added more curve to the sides to enhance being able to pick up/tilt the mouse without tighting your grip. It’s also crazy to me that no one else seems to have cribbed the pressure sensitive buttons, tilt or fingertip/trigger features as they’re really great ideas that, exception above, are extremely well implemented here.

  25. Lee Xiong

    It was the only mouse with good button location. I liked the location four buttons top buttons. My middle and index finger are more utilized. The biggest plus is the button location. Wish there was a smaller version and more lightweight without all tech. I also didn’t like the rest plate on the left and right, so I literally saw it off to make. But my main reason buying this mouse was the button location.

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