Some quotes from the review by Joanna Stern, Posted August 12th 2010

“Swiftpoint has birthed a mouse that’s got the portability and efficiency of a touchpad.”
“Swiftpoint …took on all the ergonomic issues facing mobile mice with the gadget, and designed it with a pen-like grip so it would feel natural and comfortable for users to pick up.”

“… natural for us to take our right hand off the keyboard and automatically assume the pen-grip position.”

“…the red rubber groove for your thumb and black one for your middle finger do feel soft and quite homey.”

“We like the convenience of just affixing the mouse to the dongle.”

“..the beauty of the little guy is that it doesn’t have to sit on there too long to charge – our mouse came topped off with juice, so we haven’t had to charge it in the last five days of use.”

“The mouse itself is extremely easy to setup on both a Mac and PC, and requires no extra software. We just plugged in the USB dongle and we were up and running.”

“By far our favorite feature is the tilt to scroll. You can simply use your index finger on the scroll wheel, or you can tilt the mouse to the right so the wheel is resting on the palmrest or table and drag it up and down. There’s something about all the movements that remind us of flying some sort of futuristic vehicle.”

“For the touchpad-haters of the world or those who simply despise the touchpad on their laptop, the Swiftpoint does make a really solid alternative — not to mention, the tilt-scrolling is just brilliant.”

“Ultimately, there’s no denying that there’s nothing quite like it crawling around out there looking to alleviate our touchpad woes.”

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