Some quotes from the review by Iconic Gifts, Emma Jones Posted 19th December 2010.

“Totally useable and user friendly, this is now my mouse of choice….and you want to see me go!”

“The Swiftpoint mouse is one of those inventions that could change the way you work.”

“This high-performance mouse can work directly on the laptop’s surface – and is small enough to fit under your thumb!”

“Ergonomically designed, the grip is reminiscent of a pen. Whilst you will need a little practice with the Swiftpoint, soon enough it becomes a natural extension of your fingers.”

“Just plug in USB dock, your laptop will pick up and auto load the new software and you are away.”

“A new pc peripheral that actually has a purpose, a reason. Once you start using a swiftpoint, you will not be able to go back to touchpad or even your standard mouse – it is that good!”

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